NEW!!  Low Emission Line

The “Low Emission Dryers” of SCE

The “Low Emission Dryers” are designed to decrease the “Ecological Footprint” of our products.

Besides the extended functionality options on the dryers we use inside the drying rooms only PURE NATURAL cooling and heating agents.

The dryers have a stepless capacity control of  10-100%.

The high efficiency of the design makes energy saving possible up 30% on each drying session compared to the standard dryers.

So better for the ENVIRONMENT and better for your products.

The “Low Emission Dryers” are equipped with heatpumps with a very small quantity of environment friendly Coolant with a very low emission factor.

The “Low Emission Dryers” make it possible to connect several types of dryers from the “ Low Emission Line” to a modular central heatpump system.

In this setup the dryers will not be equipped with an onboard heatpump but a modular central heatpump system will be placed in a separate location of your company.

The dryers will then be connected to the central heatpump by a 4 way pipe system.

The ambient heatload that the dryers are producing is minimalized .

If there might be any heatload left it can be easily transported to a external dry cooler that can be placed in other rooms or outside .

Because of this there will be no need for extra ventilation or airconditioning for your production or laboratorium spaces.

This will be a massive saving on investment and energy costs for this equipment.

All the dryer models of SCE are now also available in the “Low Emission Dryers” 

Please contact us for more information about our NEW “ Low Emission Dryers “.

We will gladly inform you about the possabilities for your purpose.

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