Box dryer

Box dryers for larger quantities of seeds

The box drying principle is applied for larger quantities of seeds. For instance, after a wet treatment of the seeds or after threshing. Plants are also regularly dried in boxes.

These boxes are often made of wood with a mesh bottom. In addition to wood, drying system boxes are also available in steel and stainless-steel versions. To avoid mixing of seeds, the insides of each box have a special finish. It is also possible to store the seeds in these boxes.

Conditioned drying is done with conditioned air. That is why the boxes are placed in an insulated room. In the case of unconditioned drying, air from the surrounding environment vents through the product from below.

Optimal aeration ensures even drying. That is why we always use an air distribution system. The boxes with the seeds to be dried can be stacked on and next to each other in front of the air distribution system as much as needed. The air system connects to the openings in the bottoms of the boxes and blows air through the product in the box. Depending on the type of box, drying is achieved using a certain movement process of the supplied air.