Low Emission Line


The Low Emission Dryers (LEMD) for our “Low Emission Line” are designed to improve the Ecological Footprint of our products. Dryers with the “Low Emission Line” design are much better for the ecosystem and drying in this setup is even safer for your product.

Advantages of Low Emission Dryers (LEMD)

• Dryers have expanded functionality and are more efficient

• Natural coolants are used in the drying rooms

• All dryers are continuously adjustable from10-100%

• Energy consumption is up to 30% lower per session


The heat pumps in the “Low Emission Line” are equipped with a very small portion of eco-friendly refrigerant with a very low emission factor.

Type of systems

It is possible to connect different types of LEMD dryers to a central modular heat pump system.

In this version, the heat pump is not placed on top of the dryer, but a central heat pump is placed which can be placed at a separate location in your company. The LEMD equipment is then connected to this central heat pump by a pipeline network.

Ambient temperature and climate

The heat that LEMD equipment brings into your production area or laboratory is kept to a minimum. Any excess heat can simply be removed by an external cooler. Your production space does not need to be extra ventilated or conditioned, which results in considerable savings on equipment and energy consumption.

Delivery time Low Emission Dryers (LEMD)

All our dryer models are available in LEMD setup. We are happy to inform you about our new LEMD dryers and the options for use in a “Low Emission Line” customization for you.