What we did

Boukens Enkhuizen, together with its sister companies, offers a complete package regarding climate-technology challenges. Please let us introduce these companies to you.

Boukens Koel- en klimaattechniek (Cooling and climate technology)
At Boukens Koel- en Klimaattechniek, commonly still known as Boukens Enkhuizen, they offer everything in the area of cooling technology, climate technology, control technology and air conditioning. With over 30 years of experience, this company is now renowned for its reliable consulting, competitive quotations, expert execution and a flexible service programme.

At Boukens, we know better than anyone what is included in a process and what ingredients are needed to guarantee satisfaction.

In cooling technologies, Boukens also offer refrigeration and freezer installations, insulation, water cooling, ice machines, commercial and industrial refrigeration. When it comes to climate technology, Boukens' products and services include air drying, air treatment and air humidification.

Boukens Ice & Climate Solutions
Climate control is a breeze for Boukens Ice & Climate Solutions. Their main challenge these days is in large projects abroad. However, they can also help you get the equipment you need in the Netherlands.

In the market for leisure and pleasure, Boukens Ice & Climate Solutions has become active in international skating. Several small and large swimming pools also benefit from Boukens' air treatment systems.

In the Netherlands, Boukens started with Thialf Heerenveen. In 2008, the first ice rink outside of the Netherlands was opened, the Kometa in Kolomna (Russia). Under the leadership of the Enkhuizen team, they achieved the ideal design for a quick ice surface. By now, other countries have asked for Boukens Ice and Climate Solutions as well, including the Sports Palace Alau in Astana (Kazakhstan), which has been designed and built according to the engineering technologies created by the company from Enkhuizen. Currently, construction is taking place on the Olympic rink in Sotsji (Russia).