A history of reliable systems

Seed Conditioning Enkhuizen is a company that has been working with drying, germination and storage systems for seeds since the early nineties. Initially as part of Boukens Enkhuizen. Since 2012, Boukens has officially consisted of three divisions. Seed Conditioning Enkhuizen, Boukens Koel- en Klimaattechniek and Boukens Ice & Climate Solutions.

Companies that, thanks to the innovative spirit of Marcel and Cees and their highly skilled employees, have become successful in very diverse sectors.

We have already come up with many innovative solutions for the seed market. We have always kept up with the times. Thinking about what our customer needs, that is our challenge. Clients have become more demanding. Listening to the customer's wishes provides the foundation of a proper harvest.

Developing means moving forward. Our foundation continues to be the delivery of practical and reliable systems. But at a certain point, you have to invest even more into that as a company. In order to offer equipment that can answer the need for even better quality seeds.

The well-known conditioned seed dryer and pelleted seed dryer, type 3200.00.00, has been manufactured by us for more than 20 years. The development of for instance this type of dryer will always continue to grow. The drying specialist at our engineering department is already working on new developments.

For Seed Conditioning Enkhuizen, we serve businesses who work in the field of seed distribution, seed storage, seed drying, seed germination, seed cultivation and seed treatment. Basically the entire seed trade, seed industry or seed sector. For instance, flower seeds, herb seeds, cabbage seeds, vegetable seeds, beans and legumes and agricultural seeds.

We are also the right place to find agricultural equipment.