Germination cabinet

Germination of seeds and pelleted seeds

Our equipment is exceptionally suited for all types of testing with seed germination. You want to germinate on potting soil. You are looking for a system with 100% RH for germination on paper. We enjoy delivering custom solutions. You want a large LUX output, certain dimming options or a system using only LED lighting. The generating of heat by the lighting has been solved in such a way that it does not influence the temperature within the compartment.

With a temperature range of 2 to 40 degrees, safety thermostats for both high and low temperatures have been installed. The cooling system uses a direct expansion compressor. The air cooler contains a centrifugal fan. The cooling system is equipped with a safety.

The user-friendly electronic controls offer access to the configuring and monitoring of the day and night temperatures and the switch times for the lighting. If you have a cabinet with humidifier, you can also configure the cycles. As an extra option, you can also use the controls to set the high/low temperature alarm with a time delay.

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