About us

Innovating through experience

We design, develop, produce, deliver and maintain systems for the drying, storing and germination of seeds and pelleted seeds. We are at your disposal every day with a team of expert employees.

Already in the early nineties, we created the 3200.00.00, a conditioned seed and pellet dryer. This reliable system was quickly introduced to the rest of the world. The Netherlands, France and Japan. Mexico, Chili, Peru. It continues to be a popular product in the seed industry. And we will always continue to develop this machine.

Our years of experience in the seed industry as well as other sectors related to climate and drying technology, meant that we had to present a more distinct profile. That is why Seed Conditioning Enkhuizen became independent from Boukens Enkhuizen.

Many processes and technologies for all kinds of systems were born at the engineering department of this Enkhuizen company. Our many years of experience give us an important advantage. Listening to the increasingly critical and demanding needs of our customers, that is where our strength lies. You cannot build a bridge without listening to which bridge is needed.

We are a specialist company with professional expertise. We have become a household name in our sector. We offer a broad range of products. From dryers for seeds and pelleted seeds, box dryers, germination cabinets and germination chambers, storerooms, cultivation cabinets, cultivation rooms. Also when it comes to climate systems and ventilation technologies, we are an excellent partner.