KK1-004-2, germination cabinet double doors, 2x 5 layers, fluorescent lighting


The KK1-004-2, with a capacity of 1400 litres, is a double-door germination cabinet. The controls of this type of cabinet are (same as its smaller brother with a 700-litre capacity) accurate and reliable thanks to their simple operation. With 2x 5 layers and fluorescent lighting, this cabinet offers many possibilities. Of course, you can add extra options to the basic model if you want.

Inside the KK1-004-2, air is circulated continually, to create homogeneous air condition as much as possible. The maximum temperature deviation within the germination cabinet is circa 2 °C. The condensation water generated by the refrigeration system is evaporated automatically. The refrigeration system is of course equipped with a large vaporiser to keep the relative humidity in the cabinet as high as possible.

The machine is operated by means of a touchscreen display. It is possible to enter multiple programmes based on your germination preferences and which is best for the seed type, of course.

The fluorescent light system has a light output of 750-1250 lux, divided over five layers. This makes the KK1-004-2 a cabinet with many applications. In addition, there is an optional system to regulate the light output using a high-frequency dimmer.

More specifications, click here to download the leaflet in PDF format.


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