WB1-001-1, cabinet for heat treatment


Infected vegetable seeds harvested from fruits such as tomatoes, gherkins, cucumbers, sweet peppers, melon, pepper etc. can be treated excellently in the WB1-001-1. This cabinet has been designed to easily heat-treat seeds, using a safe and accurate method. The WB1-001-1 complies with the highest standards, in part thanks to the modern technologies it uses.

The WB1-001-1 can reach a temperature up to 80 ºC. Thanks to the -/+ 1 °C accuracy, seeds are guaranteed to be treated with a fixed temperature for a certain amount of time.

In the first hours of this process, a very high RH is generated. This is extracted using air valves. Ideal in this system is the use of the seed drum in combination with a rotation unit. Seed drums prevent mixing of seeds and save on labour time. The ventilation speed of the process air can be set independently in the two sections.

The heat treatment cabinet is started by engaging the operating switch and entering the start time and process time. The entire process can be controlled and managed with the applied computer controls (PLC) and touchscreen control terminal. The controls are simple, accurate and reliable.

More specifications, click here to download the leaflet in PDF format.


seed conditioning warmtebehandeling kast WB1-001-1

seed conditioning warmtebehandeling kast WB1-001-1