DR1-002-2, seed pellet dryer, downflow

Are you looking for a solution for your seed and pelleted seed drying needs? Are you interested in a conditioned dryer with downflow? You have come to the right place at Seed Conditioning Enkhuizen. A special version of the pellet dryer in which the standard air system has been reversed, creating a downward airflow. The basis of this dryer is the type DR1-001-2.

Recently, we built this dryer for our business partner in Australia. These images show how it was done. The dryers with downflow are a little higher than those with upflow. Every dryer is custom-made for you and can be tailored to your specific wishes. This dryer is also available with pellet container and special transport cart.

The drying unit has been developed according to the condensation principle. Condensate is automatically vaporised with a heat exchanger that uses heat that is generated during drying and in combination with several separate heating elements. The hourly dehumidifying capacity is still improving because Seed Conditioning Enkhuizen is always looking for improvements in the parts we use.

The dryer is operated by means of a touch colour display on the front of the dryer. This display can be secured with 8 different passwords to allow multiple people to operate the machine. The dryer is regulated with a process controller and it is operated by means of a touchscreen display. Programme is easy to configure.

More specifications, click here to download the leaflet in PDF format.


Zaaddroger Enkhuizen DR1-002-2 foto1

Zaaddroger Enkhuizen DR1-002-2 foto2

Zaaddroger Enkhuizen DR1-002-2 foto4