DR1-006-1, seed pellet dryer, reversible air system, laboratory version


Our lab dryers can be used for drying small batches of seeds. The seeds are dried using conditioned air. Subsequently, the air is dehumidified and reused. That means that the drying process is fully controlled and environmental conditions have no influence on the results. This dryer can also be equipped with a reversible air direction, allowing you to test the best drying method per type of seed.

The lab dryer can also be equipped with a single air direction; upwards. Intended for users that simply do not require more. That is the only difference between this dryer and our lab dryer with reversible air flow. Seed Conditioning Enkhuizen's lab dryer can be placed in a lab without it making too much noise.

The lab dryer is equipped with low-red LED light. This ensures that the cabinet is always well-lit, without prematurely starting the germination process. Our lab dryer comes with a single thermopane door for inserting the containers. This door has been well-insulated to reduce noise. Earlier measurements resulted in noise levels of 62 dB. 

The dryer can be used for the drying of seeds from for instance tomatoes, gherkins, cucumbers, sweet peppers, melons, pepper and parsnip. This dryer is exceptionally suited for:
1. Drying of primed seeds.
2. Drying of coated seeds.
3. Drying of pelleted seeds.
4. Drying of packaged seeds.

The RH of the process air that comes from the seeds and the temperature are constantly monitored in the mixing chamber. The process air in the mixing chamber is the air that has been drawn through the filter section from the drying chamber. The process air in the mixing chamber is treated by a central air treatment system. This air treatment system dehumidifies the process air. When the dehumidified process air's temperature drops, it is heated in the after-heating section of the air treatment unit. The after-heating of the process air is achieved by means of a pressurised gas heat exchanger that uses the heat that is generated during the dehumidifying process. This makes the dryer energy-efficient.

More specifications, click here to download the leaflet in PDF format.

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