DR2-002-2, seed pellet dryer, upflow, double compartment


The DR2-002-2 is a dryer type from the unconditioned product line in our assortment. In the right operating environment, this outside air dryer will be perfect for your production line. This dryer enables you to efficiently dry large amounts of seeds and pelleted seeds. However, it will not be possible to use pesticides as these would end up in the outside air. Naturally, the outside air being used can be slightly cooled or heated to compensate for variations in the environment.

This dryer has a double compartment which allows for drying of two large containers (4 million pelleted seeds with a 3 to 3.5 mm diameter) simultaneously.

The drying unit has been developed according to the condensation principle. Condensate is automatically vaporised with a heat exchanger that uses heat generated during drying. In addition, this dryer uses a fluid bed system combined with a vibration function that ensures a very effective and even drying of seeds and pellets. The tilting function makes the DR2-002-2 easy to operate. This dryer can also use outside air. That makes this dryer very suited for dry environments.

The dryer is controlled with a process controller and it is operated by means of a touchscreen display. Programme is easy to configure.

More specifications, click here to download the leaflet in PDF format.


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