KK1-001-1, germination cabinet single door, 4 layers, LED lighting


Warning, this cabinet is not yet available!

Thanks to a successful development of an existing germination cabinet, the KK1-001-1 has become a welcome addition to the market. This germination cabinet is unique because the air temperature and the bottom plate temperature can be set independently of each other. This makes it possible to simulate a natural situation. KK1-001-1 has a single door and has 4 layers with LED lighting with the spectrum of your choice.

The germination cabinet has a uniform temperature, air humidity and airspeed airflow over each level. This contributes to the best possible germination process. Thanks to the independent settings of the temperature, it allows you to more accurately simulate nature. For instance, slightly lowering the temperature of the roots compared to the plant will also reduce drying out to a minimum.

Thee KK1-001-1 has a touchscreen colour display with a clear menu structure, making it easy to configure set points, clock times, alarms and day/night cycles.


All LED versions can be independently dimmed and configured for day and night cycle. It even offers the option to slowly increase and decrease the light output.

No specifications, this cabinet is not yet available.


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